Welcome to Ganges-Media.com

Ganges-Media.com is an internet-based leads-generation umbrella of businesses to find like-minded businesses to engage in. We have identified FIVE major business categories that facilitate trade within the “global business sector”.

  • OEM, Wholesale or GENERIC goods, (Competing with Alibaba.com)
  • and DIGITAL BUSINESS CARDS (Cost effective Contacts Management platform to compete with LinkedIn)

There is approximately 210 million businesses in the global economy AND approx. 3 billion engaged in employment,

30% goods based / 70% services based and depending on the source of information between 500 000 – 10 000 000 brands. To enable clear identification of your businesses needs we have a website dedicated to each of these sectors (see below). Therefore, your listing has a far better chance of reaching desired buyers or sellers for each of these sectors individually. Ganges-Media.com also has a copyrighted industry classification system titled e-GDP, unlike most competing websites or Government industry classifications that only states about 18 different categories, we have over 160, thus again, making your desired sourcing or listing requirement easier to find the dedicated buyer or seller or simple contact.


for service-based businesses to search via,


for wholesale, OEM or generic goods-based businesses to search via,


for businesses that have established a brand-name to search via.


for established businesses to post desired sale of business via.


for entities to post desired sale of plant and equipment via.

Thinking of using Ganges-Media suite of websites, here’s REASONS WHY you should consider us;

* An international trade-show cost thousands of dollars in site, logistic and staffing costs and lasts only 3 days

*TV or radio is the same, it can cost tens of thousands of dollars and you still only get one geographical region coverage for as long as your budget permits

*A glossy magazine ad also costs thousands of dollars and only has coverage of one geographic region and lasts only 1 month

*It is stated on Google that the average spend by a small company on adwords is about ten thousand dollars monthly

*Alibaba, can cost between USD$5000 – $25000, and other trade-leads sites cost about USD$800 per annum to list with…

What if Ganges-Media.com could provide your business global geographical coverage for between USD$500-600 dollars for twelve months?

Being a new business as of 2020, we need to get traction for advertisers (sellers) and just as importantly visitors (buyers), that’s why we are still free of charge to use our site for 12 months at a time (Not USD$500-600 as is the set rate). Through smart SEO and direct email marketing we aim to reach about 80 million businesses and 500 million consumers, all who might be thinking of entering the world of starting a business or adding to their existing portfolio of businesses. We hope our site will aid you in your business journey in adding value to the global economy, and most importantly adding value to your future investments.

To further compliment the Business-Leads websites, Zachary is proud to release as of November 2024, his AI & ML driven business data dynamics website;


Here you as a business owner can get real accounting advice (both financial and non-financial metrics, based upon a three hour* questionnaire that you can fill out in your own time. Based upon your answers, we provide you with an executive summary, that is designed to balance the modern performance emphasis of results balanced between Profits, People and Planet. And as always, you get my full suite service at a cost that is less than it would be to contract a management accounting firm to do the same work, but the difference is, I’m AI & ML driven (cost effective), my competitors are still in manual labour billing mode.

*** NOTE to users, Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of my sites. As an ex-importer & exporter of goods, and now service provider myself, I have SWOT analysed dozens of competing sites. I believe many leads sites are too complex with extra email and notification features, as an internet user today, almost every site offers extra two-way communication unique to their site, you effectively can spend ½ day just staying current with communication methods, logins, etc… The computer nerds that have “clunky” basic sites, get the message across without confusing things. I’m not a computer nerd, but I am a good learner. My sites adhere to this rule.

Don’t forget when visiting my sites CLICK on the ads that you have interest in, you never know what special offers you may find, contrary to the internets constant flood of competing businesses ads on our screens.


“turning business metrics into valuable leads information”


PH: +61 457 255 385

EMAIL: zacharyatd@gmail.com